eTags Encourages You to Not Drink and Drive This Holiday Weekend

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As you probably know, Labor Day is really the last weekend of the summer. Students go back to school, and most businesses return to a sense of normalcy afterward summer campaigns or other. So many people take this weekend as an opportunity for one last hurrah. If you decide to let loose and have a few drinks, eTags reminds you not to get behind the wheel of your car.


eTags frequently writes about safety issues regarding automobiles, and there is no better thing you can do than call a friend or hire a Uber or Lyft if you need to get home after driving. Recently, eTags posted an article about drunk driving laws in various states. Each state will have different rules regarding drunk driving. For example, Pennsylvania may not suspend your license for a first-time offense. In Arizona, however, you’re going to spend a few days in jail even if it’s your first time being convicted.


eTags would suggest that you take the time to learn the drunk driving laws in your state, so you know what to expect if you are pulled over. For example, you can only have a BAC of .05 or lower and drive in Utah. Your BAC will be determined by the amount you drink, how fast you drink it, and how much you weigh.


Or better yet…just don’t drink and drive. It simply isn’t worth it. You could get pulled over, pay a large fine and court/lawyer fees, have your license suspended, and even spend some time in jail. And that’s not even the worst of it; you could kill yourself or someone else.


Each year, more than ten thousand people will die in alcohol-related crashes. Another few hundred thousand will get injured. The toll alcohol-related crashes has on the nation economically is a staggering at $132 billion. These are things we can avoid. If you are thinking about attending a Labor Day weekend event where alcohol will be served, here are some things you can do to ensure you don’t become a statistic:


  • Bring Someone with You Who Can Act as a Sober or Designated Driver (the “DD”)
  • Arrange for a Friend or Family Member to Pick You Up
  • Call a Taxi or ride share service. Triple AAA may even be of service regardless of if you are a member or not
  • If it’s the home of someone you know, considering spending the night and bring a change of cloths
  • Drink Non-Alcoholic Drinks; You Can Still Have a Great Time without Drinking

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