Why eTags Isn’t Ok with Always Doing Things the Old Way

Because of technology, products, services, and even standard procedures are constantly changing, and this is a good thing. Just think about how life was like 25 years ago. The Internet was a relatively new thing so most people didn’t have access to it. If they did, it was really slow and they probably paid a small fortune for it. Smartphones, another ubiquitous part of our live today, were not available either. There were cordless phones and car phones, but these were just used for making calls. You certainly weren’t playing games or watching Netflix on your cordless phone.


But times have changed, and the Internet and smart phones are just two major innovations that have changed the way we do so many things. This is why eTags has complaints with never looking into the future and striving towards improvement. Can you imagine if we only had the option of paying our bills by mail or doing our banking at an actual branch? This is simply a waste of time and energy in the age of technology.


When it comes to vehicle registrations, the people who started eTags saw an opportunity to make people’s lives easier by eliminating the need to go to the DMV or MVA to renew their registration. Instead, eTags allows people in California, Florida, Maryland, and soon to be many other states to renew their vehicle registration through an innovative online platform. You won’t hear many eTags complaints about slow service or usability issues because eTags fulfills a necessary service that benefits the customer in many different levels. Some of those benefits include:


  • An easy-to-use online platform which customers can use to renew their registration, any time they want, on a number of different devices.


  • Ongoing customer support, and its team can help customers if their registration is flagged or on hold for any reason.


  • Yearly reminders for when registration is due, free replacements if the tags get lost, and digital copies of the vehicle registration for additional customer convenience.


If all of these benefits sound good, you should consider checking out eTags’ online registration renewal service for your next renewal. As with other things in your life, once you have it, you might begin to wonder how you lived without it in the first place.

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