Four Driving Safety Tips for New Drivers

Proud teenager girl to drive a car

A defensive driver is often thought to be a safe driver. If you are a parent of a new teen driver who just got his or her license, we understand that you might be a little concerned about their safety. You want your child to have freedom and acquire experience, but, at the same time, it’s a car that goes 50 mph or faster so it’s a little different than when you taught him or her how to ride a bike.


When teaching a child how to ride a bike, sure you get nervous, but falling from a bike is far different than a car crash. We understand that you might be concerned, which is why this post will take a look at a few tips to pass on to your son and/or daughter about safe driving. If they don’t listen to you about anything else, these four tips could be life-saving and help avoid a crash.


Drive Distraction-free: We’re constantly distracted largely because technology has allowed us to remain connected 24/7. However, behind the wheel of an automobile is one place where you don’t want to be on your phone or engaging in some other form of distraction. The best thing a new driver can do is put his or her phone in the glove compartment so there are no distractions. That way the driver can concentrate on the road and the road alone. As a parent, it is also important that you know the times your child is driving and avoid calling or texting them at those times.


Drive Defensively: Another thing to stress to your son or daughter is the fact that others will be on the road too. It’s crucial to pay attention to other cars to make sure there are no surprises that could potentially lead to a crash. In addition to being aware of other drivers, practicing defensive driving methods such as keeping a safe distance from the car ahead are good examples to follow.


Adjust Accordingly: A safe driver will always adjust the seat, mirrors, and their seatbelt before he or she starts driving. This is an especially important habit to establish when a car is being shared by multiple people. Each person needs to adjust the mirrors and seat based on their height and preference to be rightly positioned and comfortable as well.


Don’t Drink or Take Drugs and Drive: This is something that everyone knows, but it cannot be stated enough. At some point, your teen is going to want to drive to meet up with friends for a small get together or for a party and they will be more likely to engage in risky behaviors in those situations. While it is important to not be to controlling or limiting, this might a situation where you drive your teen to their destination and pick them up at an agreed upon time. This type of action should be practiced with family of any age. If you are going to somewhere where you know you will be consuming alcohol or even drugs, have someone drive or, if you are an adult, considering a taxi or ride-share service.


There are many things that come with teaching a teenager how to drive and allowing them the (guided) freedom to hone their skills on the road. From comparing insurance quotes using services like to staying u some nights to help them study for their driving exams, safe driving should always be a top priority. These safe driving tips can give you and your teen little extra peace of mind.



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